The AsterRIDE Network is Growing… Again!


We’re proud to announce the latest city where one-tap ride-hailing service asterRIDE will put down roots: Chicago. So much to do. So much to see. So much amazing pizza! We can’t wait to explore the Windy City and all it has to offer, in addition to bringing a new, effective and safe ride solution to the people of Chicago.

This marks stop number four for asterRIDE, right behind Phoenix, Orlando and Seattle, and more cities are on the way. If all goes according to plan, we’ll also be in Los Angeles by the end of spring—knock on wood!

So just how do we decide where we’ll go next as we work to expand the asterRIDE network nationwide? No, we don’t throw darts at a map (though that sounds like a really fun idea). The answer, at least so far, has been simple. It comes down to needs. We target cities that have two things: a major need from passengers—safe, simple ride-hailing—and a need from drivers and chauffeurs—an effective way to connect with their passengers. So far, we’ve found those two needs are huge in our current citites, and asterRIDE is an effective way to connect the dots.

People often ask us if we’re competing with ride-sharing services like Uber. Well, in a way, of course we are. We offer security and stability those services can’t and don’t. Plus a little healthy competition means we’re constantly working to improve. But our experience thus far has taught us that the demand is out there; we don’t have to knock Uber out to succeed. No single platform can serve the needs of an entire metropolitan city. As long as there are people seeking reliable rides, asterRIDE will keep expanding its reach.

We can’t wait to see where asterRIDE will go. Is your city next?

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Drive for AsterRIDE: There’s No BS


We keep hearing horror stories from drivers who’ve worked with other ride-hailing or ride-sharing services. Chauffeurs/drivers forced to accept rides they don’t want to take, being made to upgrade their cars to stay in the top earning tier or rides not being offered because they had a conflict. Drivers blacklisted or blocked from receiving their commissions because of some minor issue. Our response is simple: why would you drive for a company that doesn’t appreciate you?

AsterRIDE drivers are treated with the same respect and loyalty that we have for our customers. After all, if you don’t have happy chauffeurs, how can you create happy customers? AsterRIDE’s chauffeur and driver partners make 33% on average more than their peer drivers who work for other similar services. Our costs are less and so is our cut, so you take home more.

We love partnering with local companies – limo, cab, shuttle and/or bus services to help you grow and expand your business. Developing a user-friendly app is time-consuming and expensive—believe us, we know. That’s why we offer to host your service on our app, allowing you to reach an entirely new customer base in the digital realm. And we’re always looking for new ways to leverage our services, so you can trust you’ll continue to find ways to grow your business with AsterRIDE.

Whether you’re an individual chauffeur/driver or a member of our growing network of partners, you can rest assured that we’re looking out for you. Without you, our face to the passenger, there’d be no AsterRIDE platform. It’s something we remember every day.

Want to work for us or find out how we might be able to collaborate? Visit our drivers page to learn more, or drop us a line at

Tired of “Surge” Pricing? So Are We.


If you’ve tried to get an Uber pickup at 10 p.m. on a Friday or in the middle of a major sporting event, you know it all too well: the dreaded “surge” pricing. Surge pricing is used by Uber and other ride-hailing services during peak hours of demand as a price multiplier. The standard rate can double, triple or multiply even higher when more Uber users are out looking for rides.

But hold on a second. The price of ice cream doesn’t go up on a hot summer day. The price of an umbrella doesn’t go up when it’s raining. So why should the price of a ride go up at the exact moment when people need them most?

We don’t think it should. That’s why AsterRIDE doesn’t use surge pricing. When you use our one-tap ride request service, you know exactly what you’ll pay, whether it’s noon on a Tuesday or halftime of your favorite NFL game.

We understand the reasoning behind surge pricing, of course. In theory, it gets more drivers out on the roads when there’s an increase in demand. But we’ve heard the horror stories, like passengers being charged $250 for a 13 mile trip. Something about stories like that don’t sit well with us.

The beauty of AsterRIDE is that we don’t have to use surge pricing to get our drivers out on the roads. We have a qualified network of professional drivers ready and waiting to drive for you. All you have to do is tap you finger.

Are you tired of surge? So are we. Join the growing network of riders using AsterRIDE. Aim, tap and ride! Use code ADF20 for up to $20 off your first ride with us.

7 Creative Valentine’s Day Dates

Valentines Day Graphic (1)

Did you wait until the last minute to plan something for your significant other? Or maybe you’re single, but would love to spend February 14th with a certain someone.  Never fear, AsterRIDERs, because we’ve got you covered. Surprise your love interest with one of these unique date ideas, and we guarantee you’ll have a Valentine’s Day to remember.

  1. Don’t Just Do Dinner… Do It In Style

Chances are your Valentine’s plan involves grabbing a bite to eat. Why not class up the typical V-Day dinner by arriving in a stretch limousine? With AsterRIDE’s driver tracking feature, you’ll know exactly when your ride has arrived. Tell your date to look outside, and watch her face light up with surprise.

  1. Laugh It Up

If you’ve never been to a live comedy show, you’re missing out! Now is the perfect chance to check out your local comedy club for a few laughs. It’s a fun departure from the standard ‘dinner and a movie,’ and the element of not knowing what to expect adds a layer of excitement.

  1. Visit a Fortune Teller

Tonight’s the night for a little magic, even if you’re typically a skeptic. Take turns having your palms read, or get a tarot card reading if you’re feeling brave. You never know what the cards might hold! *cue the eerie music*

  1. Play Tourist in Your Own City

Sure, the tourist traps are a little cheesy, but there’s a reason they’re so popular. Grab a cab and take your date on a whirlwind tour of your own town, snapping a photo at each iconic location. AsterRIDE’s one-tap ride request makes it super simple to zip around the city.

  1. Watch Horror Movies

If you’re in the ‘Valentine’s is a holiday manufactured by Hallmark’ camp, buck the lovey-dovey trend and spend the night on the couch with your favorite slasher flicks. You pick one, your date picks one.

  1. Get Artsy

The art bar scene has recently exploded in popularity, meaning it’s never been easier to try your hand at painting or pottery. An instructor will guide you through the steps to creating your very own masterpiece. And the best part? There’s wine.

  1. Hit the Water

Even if you don’t live on the water, there’s probably a lake, canal or river somewhere nearby. In Phoenix, for example, take a boat or kayak around Saguaro Lake around sunset. The fresh air will have you feeling rejuvenated, and a quick tap on your AsterRIDE app will get you a ride back to the city for dessert or a nightcap.

Want to ride in style this Valentine’s Day? Download AsterRIDE and use code APDF20 for up to $20 off your first ride!

Arrive Safely with instaALERT


“Call me when you get there! Who knows who could be driving that cab!”

Does this sound like your mother? The one who’s constantly checking in to see if you’re alive because you didn’t return her phone call in five minutes? The one who’s 100% certain you’re going to cross paths with a criminal maniac who’s going to do something terrible to you?

It sounds like my mother. instaALERT was created for moms like mine.

You see, somewhere, underneath all that irrational craziness, mom has a point. When you get into a cab or a car from a ride-hailing service, you don’t really know the person behind the wheel. Sure, you trust your best judgment since they’re with a reputable company, and what are the chances someone will actually fulfill your mom’s crazy premonitions of doom? But again, she has a point. Things happen.

That’s why we created instaALERT. It’s a simple asterRIDE feature that lets a key friend or family member know when you’ve requested a ride. It also lets them know where you’re going, who’s driving, and when you’re expected to arrive. They can even track your ride live on their phone at your request. God forbid anything unexpected happens en route from point A to point B, your friend or family member will know almost immediately.

The best part? instaALERT is totally free, and takes less than a few seconds to activate on the asterRIDE platform. AsterRIDE makes it easy to request a safe, verified driver with the tap of a finger. Learn more here.

So the next time mom is hassling you about taking a ride with a “stranger” (although we firmly believe most strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet), send her an instaALERT request. She’ll know where you’re going, who’s driving, and most importantly, she’ll see when you arrive safely.

Now we just have to figure out a way to get her to stop asking who we’re dating.

Download asterRIDE for iOS or Android here.


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